Corey Mathews realized he had to increase his earning potential after he started his young family. He’s now the father of two toddlers. Having a “job” but not a “career” wasn’t cutting it anymore. “It was too much 9 to 5,” Corey says. “Working for money, but not really enjoying it. I was looking for something different, but I wanted something that could grow from my natural ability.”

So Corey, who knew himself to be a natural-born marketer, contacted Virtanza and enrolled in the Virtanza Sales Training, Certification, and Placement Program. In just five weeks, he graduated from the program as a Certified Sales Consultant. He’s ready to focus his natural abilities and newly developed consultative se skills on a career as a sales professional.

Corey hadn’t seriously looked at other educational programs because they cost so much and took so long. But: “Virtanza gave me the chance to invest in myself and pay for my tuition after I get a job that pays more,” he explains. Corey became the first Virtanza student to enroll with the aid of a new funding option called an Income Share Agreement, or ISA, with Vemo Education.

Alternative to education loans

An ISA is a responsible and equitable alternative to burdensome loans. With an ISA, students agree to pay a small percentage of their income after getting a job, and only when that job pays above a certain salary level. At Virtanza, graduates pay only 3.78 percent of their monthly income for just 48 months. Because their new skills prepare them for roles with higher earning potential, it’s a solid formula.

Virtanza built a special, individual schedule around Corey’s full-time work schedule. His journey of education and discovery started right away, when he received the results of his Chally Sales Assessment. It’s a highly predictive tool that matches students’ aptitudes with a range of different sales roles.

“The Chally was an eye-opener,” Corey says. “Some of what it opened up about me I knew, but other things I didn’t know. It brought out strengths and areas of opportunities to make positive change. If you’re about self-improvement and going to the next level, you’ll make some changes.”

Corey’s natural abilities to connect with people and create customer satisfaction were reinforced in his series of instructor-led online webinars. He added new abilities: consultative selling, research, branding, communication, and technical skills.

Dreams can be realized with higher earning potential

Today, he says he’s a better thinker, a better organizer, and more detail-oriented. His fiance, Rachel, has told him he has more patience. “I’ve learned to consider all points before acting,” Corey explains. “It’s made a difference in how I communicate.”

Three-year-old son Dominic and one-year-old daughter Ariadne don’t see the difference yet. But they will have greater opportunity to fulfill their dreams someday because of Dad’s greater earning potential in a growing professional career.

To learn more about the Virtanza Sales Training, Certification, and Placement Program and the ISA funding option, visit the Virtanza website today and complete the online contact form.  Then, remain on the site until you’ve read all the facts about the program, including those in the Admissions & Aid section.

Author Ibby Vores, SHRM-SCP, is a human resources consultant and a Virtanza instructor. She teaches resume writing, cover letter customization, and coaches Virtanza graduates.