This spring, Chris Sutter saw a Facebook ad about sales career training that intrigued him.  He clicked the link to find out more about Sales2Job Academy. That action is changing his life. In the first month after graduating from the Virtanza sales certification course, Chris was being pursued by major employers for high-paying sales roles.

“I had never been classically trained in how to sell,” Chris explains. “Even though I’ve had a fair amount of success in sales, I knew I needed to do something more to keep my career on track.”

Sales training adds dimension to existing experience

Chris worked in various sales roles, including independent insurance rep, franchise consultant, and loan counselor. Like so many people, he experienced employment upheaval due to the economy and other factors. He turned to Uber to earn money to help support his family. He enjoyed the opportunity to meet people and give good customer service.

But Chris wanted more. Learning about Virtanza inspired him to enroll in the Virtanza course and become a Professional Sales Consultant.

Virtanza is a 5-week series of instructor-led, interactive webinars. The program includes consultative sales skills, Microsoft technical training, and customized guidance on personal branding. After graduation, students receive an additional 3 weeks of active job placement assistance. Virtanza’s experts assist with resumes and cover letters. Then they introduce graduates to employers who have open sales positions.

Program focuses on coaching and support

“The entire program really attracted me,” says Chris. “It was not, ‘You’re going to learn this and be off on your own,’ it was more, ‘You’re going to have a team of individuals to support you all along the way.’ And I found that to be true.”

Virtanza was developed by founder and CEO Debbie Holzkamp. She’s a lifelong sales professional and sales executive who is passionate about helping people uncover, expand, and benefit from their innate sales ability. Debbie personally teaches, coaches, and encourages every student who takes the course.

“I felt like I had a lack of confidence coming into the program,” Chris recalls. “But from the first time I talked to Debbie, it was about building me up and helping me see my skills – not focus on negative things that happened in my career.

“I was already on a journey of self-improvement when I got in touch with Virtanza. The course helped me understand my strengths as a salesperson and the type of role where I can be most successful.”

Profile and skill assessment point the way

To enroll in Virtanza, Chris qualified as having the required skills in math and English. He also took a career profile assessment. It indicated he’s got natural sales talent: He’s Enterprising, Social, and Investigative. Any one of these attributes — or a combination of them — indicates natural sales ability.

These assessment tools are available on the OhioMeansJobs website. The Career Profile questionnaire and Work Keys online training tests are used as basic skill assessments to qualify all Virtanza applicants.

Chris started his Virtanza sales training and certification course the first week in May. He graduated the second week in June.  Before the end of June, his phone was ringing with calls from prospective employers.

Next time: The journey continues. Chris Sutter shares insights about his Virtanza educational experience.

Author Ibby Vores, SHRM-SCP, is a human resources consultant and a Virtanza instructor. She teaches resume writing, cover letter customization, and interviewing techniques.