Chris Sutter took a sales learning journey with Virtanza. Today, he can demonstrate his rock-solid skills as a certified professional sales consultant on his resume and in face-to-face interviews. It’s made a huge difference.

Although a person of strong faith, Chris was discouraged by the plateau in his professional life and earning power. He drove for Uber as a stopgap “gig.” Then he learned about Virtanza. He knew his next step had been placed before him.

Formal sales learning builds on experience

Virtanza offers a 5-week series of highly interactive, instructor-led online webinars in the consultative sales process. It also places a strong focus on personal branding and MS Word and Powerpoint technical skills. Chris already had significant sales experience. For him, the college-level Virtanza program was an opportunity to get formal training to round out his hands-on experience. He knew he wanted to take his sales ability to the next level.

Chris completed the highly predictive Chally Sales Assessment as his first step in the program. It compared his skills and attributes to 14 different sales roles. “My Chally assessment was eye-opening, to say the least,” Chris says. “It told me that although I have had doubts and setbacks, I belong in sales.”

His first assignment was to write about what he learned in a Chally “reflections” paper. This meant getting a grasp of the report, reflecting, trying to understand the personality characteristics it revealed.

Assessment opens new doors of opportunity

The assessment suggested that Chris was an exceptional match for the roles of Territory Relationship System Sales, Indirect Sales, Account Management, and Customer Service Representative. “Some of the descriptions were dead-on accurate. I was just mind-blown,” Chris recalls. “I had a hard time believing the assessment was that accurate. I realized I had to let go of the challenges that were dictating me, and instead believe what the assessment said.”

Throughout the course, customer case studies and role-play assignments were designed around the target roles. This provided maximum preparation for a real job. Debbie Holzkamp, founder and president of Virtanza, taught Chris in the sales portion of the program. “Through our process of working together, Debbie pointed out I would be great in advertising and marketing,” Chris says.

Instructor and career counselor Brett Olinger of Power Connections helped Chris develop his personal value statement. His webinars and advice were powerful lessons in what makes people tick. With Brett’s guidance, Chris unraveled old feelings of low self-worth and replaced them with constructive new thoughts and approaches.

Chris also performed self-study in Microsoft Word and PowerPoint. These are important technical skills for top-notch sales professionals. The Microsoft training is the third pillar of the comprehensive Virtanza program.

The final step in the sales learning journey for Chris was passing his final exam: multiple choice, open-book.

A mission to help natural-born talents bloom

“The Virtanza team had more confidence in me than I did,” Chris says. “That you are on a mission to help people like me helped put the pieces of the puzzle together. That helped through the entire process.”

“Virtanza, we believe that just about anyone with good social skills and communication ability can be successful in sales, which accounts for about 25% of available jobs at any given time in any region,” says Debbie Holzkamp. “We are passionate about helping people like Chris enhance their natural-born sales talent.”

NOTE: Soon after this was written, Chris Sutter hit the job market with his sales certification credential and support from his Virtanza team. He was quickly hired as a Business Development Representative for PatientPoint, a job that matched both his sales profile and his passion for helping others in a health-care-related role. 

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Author Ibby Vores, SHRM-SCP, is a human resources consultant and a Virtanza instructor. She teaches resume writing, cover letter customization, and interviewing techniques for Virtanza.