Virtanza’s Professional Sales Certificate and Job Assistance Program is now offered at the University of the Pacific, allowing students and other individuals in the community the opportunity to embark on this innovative Professional Sales Certification and Job Placement Assistance Program. Virtanza’s 5-week, college-level certification course in professional sales enables qualified students to begin well-paid careers in sales. Experienced salespeople can also use the program to develop more sophisticated skills and achieve a higher level of success.

This program offers a unique path for people to become sales professionals, as the course is affordable, formatted in short webinar fashion, and has proven successful for previous students qualified to complete it. “Everyone needs to understand and develop confidence in sales skills,” says Stacy McAfee, the Associate Vice President for External Relations, Strategic Partnerships and Presidential Initiatives at the University of the Pacific.“Your ability to connect to the needs of others and create a compelling solution is one of the most important things.”

The goal is “to make a positive impact on people’s lives,” explains Kyle Harkness, the Executive Director of Program Development and Innovation at the University of the Pacific. Harkness aims to identify people in the community who can benefit from this unique online education rather than committing to a degree program that can take many years to complete. The Virtanza certification course, which has been vetted by ACE Credit, is also an opportunity for continuing education for those who already have a degree, as well as a way to gain an advantage in a future job search. “Exposure to education and placement with strong employers can motivate people,” McAfee says.

“At Virtanza, we believe that just about anyone with good social skills can be successful in sales, which accounts for about 30% of available jobs at any given time in any region,” says Virtanza CEO and founder Debbie Holzkamp. The San Joaquin region is an excellent place to have a sales certification. According to data from Burning Glass, professional sales, customer service, and sales management roles account for 26,470—or 29%—of jobs in the San Joaquin region.

Virtanza offers students a highly predictive sales assessment to learn the skills necessary to transition from the online classroom into a thriving sales career. With role-plays, extensive instruction in consultative and communication-building skills, social prospecting, persuasive presentations using technology tools, as well as interview, resume and personal branding tools, individuals will walk away from this course equipped to work in a sales career that aligns with their strengths. Completion of the program leads not only to a professional sales certification, but also assistance with a subsequent job placement.

Not a student at the University of Pacific? Good news! The program is open to qualified applicants in the United States. “The beauty of it is that it’s offered for continuing education units. There aren’t prerequisites for that,” Harkness states. Instead, a potential student will take individual assessment tests before the course.

Virtanza offers an exciting, unique, and individualized opportunity for a beginning or a change in career path. The current 5-week offering begins in October 2018. You can obtain more information on enrolling here. Employers are sure to want to take a second look at Virtanza graduates when considering the hiring of sales professionals. 

About Virtanza

Led by industry veteran Debbie Holzkamp, responding to the urgent need for sales education and job placement, Virtanza is equipped to transform the professional sales candidate market with its unique training curricula and placement solution. Virtanza bridges the considerable gap between recruiters and candidates.

Entrepreneur and Founder of Virtanza, a Career Pathways company, HDS Premier Consulting and the Sales2Job Academy Inc. has professionally sales-trained and certified over 3000 adults and conducted more than 9000 training field calls with more than 100 sales teams, sales consultants and target customers in 26 states; created several startups; and has 32 years of experience in sales, marketing, general management and publishing.