No American should be denied the opportunity to advance their skills and get a good job. We see it all around us – technology continues to evolve, and the needs of employers and employees are rapidly shifting. As technology transforms the labor market and wipes away entire career paths, folks too often find themselves without the skills to transition to burgeoning and flourishing fields.

One of those booming fields is the sales industry. Success in the sales industry relies on a delicate blend of both hard and soft skills, which can be notoriously difficult to teach. Every year, almost two million professional sales positions need to be re-staffed with skilled talent. And the sales industry is only projected to get bigger – much bigger.

By just 2022, more than two million new sales positions will need to be staffed. But there’s a labor market mismatch. Too often, people who have the talent and the drive to succeed in the sales industry can’t afford to traditionally finance the required sales training and education to qualify for and get a job.

That’s where Virtanza comes in.

Certified by the state of Ohio, our groundbreaking school offers a state-of-the-art sales skill training, practice experience, coaching and intensive job placement assistance. Graduates are certified as Professional Sales Consultants. They hit the ground running as they enter the job market to staff those always-available sales positions.

But we’re not stopping there. Too many American’s aren’t able to upskill just because they can’t afford the upfront payment, don’t qualify for government funds, or are averse to taking out a big loan to finance their training, not always certain if the investment will pay off with a better job. That’s why we’re partnering with Vemo Education to pioneer a new way for Americans to upskill and get a better paying job – providing a pathway for greater economic mobility and opportunity. With the use of Income Share Agreements (ISAs), Virtanza will help its students get a training credential and a high wage job.

A new option for sales career education funding

An ISA is a responsible and equitable alternative to burdensome loans. With an ISA, students agree to pay a small percentage of their income after getting a job, and only when that job pays above a certain salary level. At Virtanza, graduates pay only 3.78 percent of their monthly income for just 48 months. We believe that our program will produce positive outcomes for our graduates. That’s why we’re aligning the value of our program with what our graduates pay.

It’s a socially responsible way to help folks become a certified sales professional and put them on a path to a better salary and economic empowerment. To learn more, visit the Sales2Job Academy website now and complete the online form on our homepage.  An enrollment representative will contact you soon.