Our Graduates Know How to Sell

We connect you with sales- ready graduates who are trained, coached, and confident.

We’re more than an education technology company that helps companies place top performing candidates:

We’re your partners for selling success!


We work with you to create a balanced job profile that reflects what you want in the sales professional you hire. You get top talent with staying power.


The Chally Assessment is tied to a comprehensive, in-depth sales profile customized to the job. It matches candidates to a T. This is a powerful way to assess candidate skills for more than 14 types of sales roles.

We help great companies find great salespeople.

The Chally Assessment helps identify the best sales people to meet top performance requirements. Chally’s predictive science assists in making a well-informed hiring decision. This increases sales productivity and profitability.

Fill these sales roles:

  • Strategic Account Manager
  • New Business Development
  • Indirect Sales
  • Outbound Telesales
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Inbound Telesales
  • Territory Relationship System Sales
  • Product/Service Specialist
  • Territory Consultative Product Sales
  • Account Management
  • System Specialist
  • Territory Consultative System Sales
  • Product/Transactional Sales
  • Territory Relationship Product Sales

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