Mobile learning means you can take classes “on the go” on any of your mobile devices.

Earn an education certificate by taking classes on your cellphone? Virtanza will soon make this possible through a partnership with mobile learning company Cell-Ed. The two companies are creating opportunities for on-the-go workers who can’t access traditional classrooms or online education programs, or who just prefer the convenience of learning on their phones.

The groundbreaking Virtanza/Cell-Ed partnership will prepare students for entry-level sales administration and sales roles. Virtanza will provide their specialty — sales training — while Cell-Ed will make it possible for workers to access this training on any of their mobile devices. A pilot of the training is planned for July and August.


Debbie Holzkamp, Co-Founder and CEO of Virtanza, knows that sales is a set of universal skills that will open doors to jobs with income security. She spent her career as a sales executive teaching people how to apply their own natural sales ability. Today, she’s passionate about bringing this knowledge to people who are trapped in low-paying, dead-end jobs.

A reality: Many low-income adults have little free time to study. They work long shifts, often at night, or juggle more than one part-time job.  Because they can’t afford a car, they face long commutes on public transportation. Once at home, most don’t have a computer, even if they have the skills to navigate one. The result? All these barriers stand in the way of getting the additional education they need to get better jobs and to boost their income.


“Without being workforce ready — no matter how hot the economy — tens of millions of people are trapped toiling at low-pay positions with no path for advancement, if they are able to get these jobs at all,” says Jessica Rothenberg-Aalami, Cell-Ed Founder and CEO.

A fact: Even people who struggle with PC technology have a proven ability to maximize their cellphones. And, according to Rothenberg-Aalami, three minutes of cellphone video instruction plus a few minutes of interactive exercises on their phone keypad can create a learning result equal to one hour in the classroom.

Mobile learning is a beautiful thing: That long bus ride holding a cellphone — whether it’s a flip phone, iPhone, or Android — becomes a mobile classroom.

For the new sales/administration certificate course, Holzkamp and other Virtanza instructors will cover information in quick bursts. That is, three-minute-or-less videos and audios on cellphone. Students will:

  • Learn key skills specifically aimed at a role that’s the best match for them
  • Take the course at their own pace, whenever they have a few minutes to learn, day or night
  • Get personal, one-on-one coaching by text and live conversation, as needed
  • Receive job placement assistance after earning their certificates.

“Selling a product or service is essential to any company’s success,” says Holzkamp. “Companies need to have skilled sales and sales support people. We’re the matchmaker: We help people build the skills that will match them to what employers need.”

For those who might need to brush up their skills before enrolling in the Virtanza mobile learning course, Cell-Ed offers learn-to-read education and a skill-builder program for high school equivalency. Remedial classes are offered, too.


Are you interested in earning a job readiness certificate at no charge? Find out about beta testing the Virtanza Cell-Ed Certificate Program during the pilot this summer. Call Virtanza today at 888-311-1265.