Stephanie Bacskay has always pursued her goals relentlessly. From her nearly 15 years in the National Guard, working as a military recruiter; to earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management while working full time and raising three small children on her own; to working night shifts for UPS – she knows it takes hard work, tenacity, and commitment to get where you want to be.

Over the last year though, she felt overwhelmed, unfulfilled, and drained. She knew she wanted more for her and her family. “I spent too many long hours away from my kids, making a low wage at a job I didn’t love.”

This is not an uncommon scenario, but in Stephanie’s case, she was intent on changing the direction of her life. So when she met the Virtanza team at a Military Career Fair last Fall and learned more about the in-depth, hands-on training she would receive – followed by job placement – she was ready to jump on board.

A Solution Within Reach

Since completing one-on-one training with Virtanza Founder, Debbie Holzkamp, Stephanie can’t say enough about the experience. “From day one, Debbie was nothing but accommodating and encouraging – she has taught me invaluable skills that I will not only take with me in my new role, but in all my future endeavors.”

From sales job role-plays, to learning the four-step consultant selling process, to Microsoft Office Specialist training, Stephanie knew she was on a journey to bettering her life and her career. “This type of opportunity doesn’t come around that often, and I’m so glad that despite my busy schedule, I decided to choose Virtanza.”

The Path to Success

After completing six weeks of personalized Virtanza training, Stephanie became sales certified and the Virtanza team began setting up interviews for her with multiple companies. She became particularly focused on a Multimedia Advertising Consultant role with Tandem Media in Sandusky, OH. Through her training, she felt equipped for the interview process, and more importantly, for the job. In January, Stephanie was extended an offer and began her new position at Tandem on February 1.

“It’s hard to believe that just months ago, I didn’t know which direction my career was going – I was exhausted, confused, and knew I was capable of so much more. Virtanza saw those capabilities as well, building on my existing talents and teaching me all I needed to know to begin a prosperous sales career. This is definitely an exciting new chapter.”