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For the Virtual Classroom

Career-focused sales education that works


Virtanza offers practical, effective sales curriculum programs for higher education


Partnership for continuing education: Virtanza Professional Sales Certificate and Job Assistance Program

  • Offered on a not-for-credit basis as continuing education coursework
  • Virtanza provides fully developed course content in CourseArc for easy integration into any learning management system
  • Instructors have industry-standard credentials
  • Predictive sales aptitude assessment prepares students to excel
  • Students learn consultative sales method, receive resume support and perform hands-on personal branding work
  • Graduates receive job coaching and interview skill-building assistance
  • Virtanza’s national network of employers is always growing and offers graduates access to potential sales positions for job interviewing and placement

Licensing program for inclusion in Bachelor’s Degree curricula

  • Professional Sales Training course as a for-credit “Introduction to Professional Sales” course
  • Can be branded by a college or university and marketed with the desired course title
  • Virtanza’s fully developed course content
  • Referral of instructors trained and certified to teach the course
  • Administration of the highly predictive sales assessment for students 
  • Continuous course updates, such as new employer sales case studies with actual scenarios from companies in our employer network
  • The American Council on Education’s College Credit Recommendation Service (ACE CREDIT®) has evaluated the Virtanza course and recommended college credit in the lower-division baccalaureate/associate degree category 2.0 hours of credit in business communications, sales, or marketing.

The University of the Pacific, a Virtanza partner, aims to identify people in the community who can benefit from online education rather than committing to a degree program that can take many years to complete.

Public and private universities can bring Virtanza’s fully developed, for-credit online sales curriculum and career placement assistance to their students through a licensing agreement. The program can be branded by the institution and marketed with its own course name.

Virtanza has established and continues to build a network of potential employers as resources for adding sales role plays to curriculum, sponsoring sales internship programs, and offering graduate interviewing and sales position placement opportunities.

Virtanza’s network of potential employers includes:

Contact us to learn more about how Virtanza sales curriculum can prepare your students: