You know when you’re in a dead-end job. You feel like you’re on a hamster wheel. Every day you get up, go to work, and perform the same tasks that you did the day before. And the day before that. And the day before that.

A dead-end job is a hazardous place to be for your dreams and your future

“In most cases, dead-end jobs are accepted out of necessity,” Sam Becker writes in Money & Career Cheat Sheet.  If you find yourself in one, your primary focus from day one should be on how to get out of it, Becker advises.  “But many of these jobs do have certain perks, and people can grow to be comfortable in them … This can make these jobs hard to escape from.”

But a dead-end job is just that: It’s a job that leads nowhere. “These are jobs that simply need someone with a pulse to be eligible,” Becker warns.

You can DO more and BE more:  Let the Virtanza ‘force’ be with you

A factor called motivational inertia holds many people back from leaving their dead-end job. Inertia is the physical law that says an object at rest tends to remain at rest unless some other force acts on it. Let the Virtanza Sales Training, Certification, and Job Placement Program be the “force” that breaks you free of your inertia and propels you into a well-paid and interesting career in sales.  If you have good social skills and are an effective communicator, you can be successful in sales. Better yet, sales is a field that represents about a third of available jobs at any given time in any region.

Comprehensive curriculum

Virtanza prepares you for success in a sales career with a 5-week series of highly interactive, instructor-led online webinars in the consultative sales process. The program also covers personal branding and MS Word and PowerPoint technical skills. When you successfully complete this challenging training, you become a Certified Sales Professional.

After you graduate, we coach you one-on-one for several more weeks during your active job search, helping with resumes and cover letters, practicing tough interview questions, and more. Our goal is to place 70% of our graduates in well-paid professional sales roles.

Tuition funding options place a professional sales career within your reach

Virtanza offers a variety of tuition funding options, including partnering with Vemo Education to offer Income Share Agreements (ISAs). An ISA is a responsible and equitable alternative to burdensome loans. With an ISA, students agree to pay a small percentage of their income after getting a job, and only when that job pays above a certain salary level. Virtanza, graduates pay only 3.78 percent of their monthly income for just 48 months. We believe that our program will produce positive outcomes for our graduates. That’s why we’re aligning the value of our program with what our graduates pay.

To learn more, visit the Virtanza website now and complete the contact form on the homepage  An enrollment representative will contact you soon.