Virtanza now allows students to fund sales training with a percentage of income after graduation, reducing up-front costs and providing affordable pathways to certification and job placement.

(Columbus, Ohio)—Virtanza, which provides training and job placement programs focused on in-demand sales careers, today announced the launch of a new program designed to increase affordability and access for students. Known as an income share agreement, the Academy’s new approach offers a way for students to pay for Virtanza’s training, certification and job placement program, which prepares students for professional sales jobs with high earning potential.

A rising star is born thanks to sales certification

“I wouldn’t have had the confidence before I went through the Virtanza program to go for this type of position,” says 2017 program graduate Chris Sutter, who was previously a franchise sales professional and Uber and Lyft driver but since graduating, has landed an inside sales business development role with the Ohio-based PatientPoint. “Virtanza really helped me to see my strengths that I couldn’t see for myself because I was so focused on what I couldn’t do versus what I could do. I love my job now. I’m a rising star within the organization and making the highest salary I have ever earned.”

Virtanza’s new student financing model will reduce the up-front cost of enrollment, in exchange for a set percentage of students’ monthly income after they complete the program and secure a professional sales job. Unlike a student loan, an income share agreement is interest-free, and students pay only if they are earning at least $30,000 a year.

Income share agreement is a win/win

“We are thrilled to offer aspiring sales professionals a new way to pay for their education,” says Virtanza Founder Debbie Holzkamp. “Income share agreements enable students to finance education based on their future success and earning power. This new program is a win-win for our organization and our students—because when our students succeed, so do we.”

Virtanza is a certified provider of instructor-led training and job placement support nationwide. The program has received credit approval from the American Council on Education, allowing students nationwide to receive course credit for participation. The income share agreement program will be powered by Vemo Education, a platform that enables innovative forms of student financing.

About Virtanza

Virtanza helps aspiring professional salespeople turn their natural skills into rewarding careers in industries like healthcare, technology, insurance, media, business services, manufacturing and more through a five-week online sales training, certification and job placement program. This program includes interactive webinars, a proven selling process, Microsoft Office software technology training, skills to build personal and social branding, job-matching assessment technology, interview techniques, resume and cover letter writing as well as networking support, certification and job placement. The American Council on Education’s College Credit Recommendation Service (ACE CREDIT®) has evaluated and recommended college credit in the lower-division baccalaureate/associate degree category, two semester hours in business communications, sales, or marketing of the Virtanza Sales Training and Certification course. Learn more at