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Our Enrollment Process

Virtanza is available for both full-time college students and adult learners. Traditional college students can enroll for the course through their University. For adult learners, the enrollment process includes the following steps to ensure you will have the maximum opportunity for success in this challenging course, including pre-application assessment and tests. Virtanza is an Ohio career school, but our enrollment process is the same for everyone, regardless of where they live. We use the assessment tools on the Ohio state government website to assure students have the basic skills to be successful in our program. Here are full instructions for taking the assessment and submitting forms and information.

If you have questions about this process once underway, give us a call at (714) 932-2284 for assistance.

Please note that the assessment and tests may take up to 3 hours.

1. Career Profile Assessment

Take the “Career Profile” assessment on

Email a screenshot of your results to your Virtanza Admission Counselor. One of three characteristics, or any combination of the three, indicate sales aptitude: Social, Enterprising, and Investigative.

2. Four Work Keys Practice Tests

Next, take the following 4 Work Keys tests on

  • Reading for Information
  • Locating Information
  • Applied Mathematics Skills
  • Computer Basics 2: Personal Computer Fundamentals

The tests on OhioMeansJobs are located just under the Core Practice Assessments. Virtanza requires a score of at least a 4 on each. If you get a 3, we can talk about next steps. Take a screenshot of the results from each of the three Work Keys Practice Tests and email them to your assigned Virtanza Counselor. Or, print, scan and email the results. Your result will not be saved after you close your browser.

3. Application & Enrollment Agreement

Fill out the Virtanza Course Application document and sign the Enrollment Agreement.

4. Consumer Information Video Course

Just one more easy step!  Because Virtanza is a certified career school in the state of Ohio, all students must participate in the consumer information video course.

After we have accepted your application, Virtanza will purchase a coded invitation for you to complete this course. When you receive the code, click the Watch the Video link and enter your invitation code. A video will soon begin playing. After you see the video, simply complete an electronic acknowledgment. You’ll receive an email to forward to your assigned Virtanza Admission Counselor to confirm you received the consumer disclosure information.

Questions about the Virtanza Enrollment Process?

Call (714) 932-2284 today to get started!


Wright-Patt Credit Union

Any Virtanza student eligible for membership with Wright-Patt Credit Union can apply for a signature loan through one of the following options:

  • Apply online
  • Visit a Wright-Patt member center
  • Or call (937) 912-7000

Visit for eligibility requirements.

Income Sharing

Virtanza offers Income Share Agreements: a way to finance your course debt-free. With an Income Share Agreement, you pay only a small percentage of your income when you get a job. To learn more about how we’re using Income Share Agreements to help you finance your training, contact Virtanza.


Thanks to OhioMeansJobs, your course fees could be fully funded. Contact our team at Virtanza to learn how.

PayPal Credit

With PayPal credit, you have more time to pay for your Virtanza course. Get a credit decision quickly and manage your payments from your mobile device, with no annual fees. Visit PayPal Credit online to learn more.

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At Virtanza, we believe that just about anyone with good social skills and communication ability can be successful in sales, which accounts for about 25% of available jobs at any given time in any region. We are passionate about helping people enhance their natural-born sales talent.”

— Virtanza Founder and CEO Debbie Holzkamp

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