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Virtanza connects college students and adult learners who seek a pathway to income security with employers in need of qualified Business Sales Candidates.

Virtanza’s Virtual Training Program provides people with sales education, certification and job placement.

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Success Stories Like These

Bertha V.

“I was flabbergasted by my Chally assessment results,” says Bertha, a Virtanza/University of Pacific alumnus. “… My Chally results gave me confidence that a sales professional is what I want to be.” After an introduction by Virtanza, Bertha was selected to join New York Life’s associate training program. She’s excited about working within the Latino community to help families develop financial legacies.

Marvin E.

Already a natural at building relationships, Marvin credits his Virtanza coursework with polishing his presentation skills and personal branding. He already had a background in insurance sales and was recruited by New York Life through its relationship with Virtanza. He’s studying to become a financial services agent for the company. “This opportunity is a big game-changer for me,” East says.

Jade W.

Jade is a 2017 graduate of Clayton State University in the metro Atlanta area. “Coming from a background with no sales experience, I’m truly amazed at the content I was able to learn in just three short weeks,” she adds. “The program not only teaches you sales techniques, it allows you to actually do the research and put together a proposal as a sales professional would.”

Dana S.

Dana, an OSU student, jumped at the opportunity to interview with Updox, a major employer in the Virtanza network and was hired as an intern. Her course experience was on-target prep for her internship. “I sit in the sales department and hear people doing their sales calls,” she says. “It’s so similar to the presentation I made for my proposal. What we did in class is exactly what salespeople do every day!”


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